Exploring The Use of Online Language Tutors

Online language tutors are an amazing way to learn a foreign language from the comfort of your own home, or maybe even on your lunch break. Some of you may find the concept a bit strange, as it requires you to be on a video or audio call with an online language teacher that you have never met or spoke to before. Well, welcome to the 21st century. Definitely don’t allow this small thing turn you off, as after a few lessons these thoughts will disappear. Especially when you notice how quickly you are progressing! We believe that learning languages online is as good, if not better than learning in person, more on that later.

It may take an introductory lesson for the language tutor to understand what your goals are, so make sure to be patient. Now though, it is time for us to give you our favourite online language tutoring websites, check out our list below!

Online Language Tutors


Here we go then, first on the list everyone’s favourite, Italki! Probably the most popular online language tutor website, which comes as no surprise when you hear that they have been trying to perfect the product since 2007. The aim of Italki is to enable people from around the world to meet and learn with language teachers online. Once you have signed up with Italki you will then have to choose your tutor, you have the option between a community tutor or a professional teacher. Prices vary between the two teachers, as well as, the language you choose to learn. If you are looking for refresher lessons in a language that you already know then you may not need to go with a professional teacher.

One thing we love about Italki is that you can take full advantage of half an hour trial lessons, which are usually well-priced. These are cheaper compared with full hour lessons and it allows you to find a tutor that makes you feel comfortable and confident when learning your target language. As there is so much more to speak about when it comes to Italki we have written a more in-depth review, don’t miss that!


  • Free language exchanges with members of the Italki community
  • $10-16 on average for an hour lesson. Prices vary on language and chosen language tutor.

Available Languages:

It would take us a lifetime to list all languages offered on the Italki marketplace. They have over 100 different languages and dialects from online tutors, check out the full list on their website.



Lingoda is different to Italki as they don’t solely focus on 1-to-1 lessons. They offer a number of different packages, all slightly different from the other. In the Lingoda packages, you will find all group lessons, all private lessons or a 90% group and 10% private lesson mix.

They also have a couple of intensive packages that look to getting you speaking your target language in no time! All the language tutors that we experienced at Lingoda were to a good standard, it’s just a shame that each lesson could be with a different teacher.


  • $89-599/month depending on the package and language chosen

Available Languages:

FrenchGerman, Spanish and English.

Lingoda is fairly new in the online language area and clearly, they are trying to perfect their product before expanding into new languages. Although, we’d love to see a few new languages added in the not so near future! Read our Lingoda review to find out more.



Rypeapp or Rype as it is more often called, acts as an all-in-one language tutoring service. They, like Lingoda, have set monthly and yearly packages that you can purchase. Each package varies but they all come with 24/7 learning hours. The cheapest package allows you to have 30-minute lessons every day. If you were to schedule one a day that would equal 3 and a half hours learning time.

The team at Rype handpick the online language tutors, making sure that you only get the best of the best teaching you. Rype is great for people that are wanting to learn a language as quickly as possible due to being able to book lessons every single day. Tutors can get booked up quite quickly, make sure to plan your lessons well in advance so that you won’t miss out on learning with your favourite online language tutor.


  • $125-295/month varies on package and language

Available Languages:

Italian, Chinese (Mandarin), FrenchGerman, Spanish, Arabic, and English.

A step up from Lingoda’s language variety, however, they still won’t reach the amount offered on italki. Although there is good news from Rype, it has been said that they will be launching new languages at some point in the near future! Read our full Rype review for more information on this.


Benefits of using a language tutor online

What makes using online language tutors so great compared to learning a language in a lecture hall or classroom is that you receive 1-on-1 teaching. You are the only person being taught by the tutor and you don’t even have to buy textbooks. It doesn’t matter if you are revising for a language exam or just want to learn the basics of a new language, each online tutor will come with well-structured lesson plans.

  • Accelerate your language learning
  • Pricing is competitive, especially with the introduction of new tutoring platforms
  • No travel costs, just an internet connection
  • Learn in a relaxed, comfortable environment (your home or wherever)
  • Find some of the best online language teachers in the world
  • Gain instant feedback from your tutor

Average cost for an online language tutor

The prices of 1-to-1 online language lessons can be split. Multiple variants come into the equation when setting a price. For example, if you are looking for an online Spanish tutor on italki you can find one for as low as $6 an hour.

One reason prices are cheaper online than in-person is because of the high number of Spanish teachers compared to say the much smaller number of tutors teaching Urdu. Another reason that we see especially on italki is that some teachers aren’t fully qualified, therefore, they have to charge less per hour to stay in with a chance of getting regular students. However, if they aren’t up to scratch then people won’t bother returning for future lessons. Depending on the language and the level of the online language tutor we believe you should be paying between $10 and $16 for an hour lesson.

Live Lingua charges a bit more than this as it is a more personalised service. Also as Lingoda and Rype offer monthly packages you need to make sure you are having 3-5 lessons a week to get your monies worth. You do also see some online language teachers on italki charging up to $80 an hour!

Picking the perfect teacher

You may be thinking, ‘this online language tutor thing sounds great, but how do I know who is right for me?’. Well here are a few things that we do to pick the perfect tutor.

  • Read the language teachers profiles, watch their introductory video if they have one. This is great to see their level of your native language
  • See the activity level of each tutor, it’s good to have someone who is constantly teaching
  • You can see the attendance rating and terminated packages on italki which is extremely helpful
  • Check their ratings and comments from previous students. Generally, the better the reviews the better the tutor sounds slightly obvious doesn’t it? If you see negative comments we suggest not wasting your time and money
  • Make sure to see if their availability matches that of your own
  • Use trial lessons these are 30 minutes long and cheaper than a full hour. You can test multiple online language tutors this way and then decide which to go ahead with.

On top of these points, we will say that you should know yourself whether a teacher is right for you or not. You should know after 1 or 2 lessons if you like their teaching style or if you’d like to find someone else. You can leave feedback after each lesson so the online language teachers can learn themselves from your pros and cons.

Making the most of your online tutors

Once you have found one or more language tutors that you are comfortable learning with, you will then want to get the most out of each lesson. Here are some suggestions of how to just that.

  • Have sentences, even questions written down for your lessons
  • Record your lessons so that you can playback and analyse what you did well and what could be improved. There are many free screen recording programs available. Remember to get the consent of your tutor too
  • Ask your online language teacher for frequent feedback
  • Set up a shared google docs spreadsheet to improve writing in your target language. Your teacher can then make any corrections next to yours and explain what was wrong
Learning Languages Online
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