Innovative Language Review

Innovative Language Review
8.0 Total Score
  • Multiple learning packages to choose from
  • Premium+ is great if you want to get certified in your target language
  • Great savings if you sign up for the annual subscription
  • Easily accessible on their website and mobile app
  • Amazing app with audio and video lessons all in one place

Innovative Language - (LanguagePod101)

Online, Innovative Language is most well known for their LanguagePod101 series. They focus on audio and video podcasts for 34 different languages! Making them one of the giants when it comes to learning a foreign language online. Well, they have been offering their products to us since 2006.

You can make use of their free resources or explore the paid learning material which is extremely beneficial for all language learners. Throughout our innovative language review, we will mainly focus on their offering as for us this is by far their most popular product.

LanguagePod101 Audio and Video Series

As we already mentioned they offer an outstanding 34 languages under the innovative language 101 series. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to check out all 34, that would be a bit over ambitious. For the full list of available languages check them out below.


  • AfrikaansPod101
  • ArabicPod101
  • BulgarianPod101
  • Chinese (CantoneseClass101)
  • ChineseClass101 (Mandarin)
  • CzechClass101
  • DanishClass101
  • DutchPod101
  • EnglishClass101
  • FilipinoPod101
  • FinnishPod101
  • FrenchPod101
  • GermanPod101
  • GreekPod101
  • HebrewPod101
  • HindiPod101
  • HungarianPod101
  • IndonesianPod101
  • ItalianPdo101
  • JapanesePod101
  • KoreanClass101
  • NorwegianClass101
  • PersianPod101
  • PolishPod101
  • PortuguesePod101
  • RomanianPod101
  • RussianPod101
  • SpanishPod101
  • SwahiliPod101
  • SwedishPod101
  • ThaiPod101
  • TurkishClass101
  • UrduPod101
  • VietnamesePod101

Obviously, they have the most popular languages on offer. However, it’s also great to see that they have incorporated other languages into their offerings, like the Afrikaanspod101, Filipinopod101 and other languages that aren’t focused on elsewhere.

Cost of All Products


  • £6 a month
  • £45 a year (works out to be £4 a month, saving you £24)

In the basic package, you will receive access to all lessons and notes on your chosen lanuagepod101 website and mobile app. Engaging beginner through to advanced audio and video lessons. PDF notes for each of the lessons that you take.


  • £19 a month
  • £140 a year (saving 40%)
  • The premium package has a few extra additions which include outlined transcripts and a vocabulary list to review each of the lessons. A whopping 2000 word list, that are the essentials used in daily conversations (website only).For us, we would have to go to to see this extensive list. Finally, what innovative language call ‘smart flashcards’ which is their use of spaced repetition learning, what most language learning apps are built on.


  • £37 a month
  • £230 a year (saving 47%)

Ok, so, Innovative Language 101 also has a premium+ package. This is quite a pricey monthly fee for any language learner, but it does come with awesome extras!

Firstly, 1-on-1 personal instruction and guidance through ‘my teacher’ section, they will also set you up with a personalised learning program. They will make sure that you overcome your language learning weaknesses. To top off the premium+ package, you will also get personal assessment reviews by Innovative Language teachers. This enables you to gain a certificate of proficiency in your chosen language.


  • 1-month £8 a month
  • 12-month £55 yearly (saving 37.5%)
  • Lifetime access costs a one-off purchase of £199
  • The mobile package will give you access to the whole innovative language 101 app, so you will still receive the full audio and video lessons with the line-by-line transcript reviews and pdf notes. You will miss out on the 2000 word language essential list though.

Special Offers

The guys at Innovative Language know that people like special offers! If you have managed to sign up for their trial subscription, then I’m sure you’re already receiving promotional emails. If you like the product that you have been using, why not take advantage of it! However, if you aren’t a fan, I would strongly recommend unsubscribing to their email marketing as they can be quite persistent!

Innovative Language 101 App

It doesn’t matter whether you are an Android or iOS user, search for ‘innovative language 101 app’ in the relevant app store and then hit download! Within seconds you can start enjoying the many teaching materials offered by the team at Innovative Language.

The mobile app is extremely easy to use. Find which audio or video lesson you want to play and away you go. You can download lessons for offline use and easily add vocabulary to your word bank in each lesson overview.

Teaching Method

As you already know from reading our innovative language review, their main teaching method is through audio and video lessons. That’s not to say that they don’t use other features, just that these two methods are their main focus. They also have the word bank, my vocabulary section and smart flashcards which focuses on spaced repetition.

Audio and Video Lessons

There are new, free audio lessons added fairly often which is great. If you are new to languagepod101 this gives you more learning material after your 7-day trial. In fact, all new lessons are free to use for 21 days for anyone that has an account.

In all of the audio lessons that we have used, there were two speakers, one native and the other in your own language who explains what is being said. We would have preferred if they spoke more in the target language, something that they can work on.

What we love about innovative language audio lessons is that they have added modern language learning. One of the newest lessons is ‘must-know Spanish social media phrases’. They run through comments from social media posts, not limiting you to just formal language. We think this is a great way of enabling you to learn words that are used by this generation daily.

Innovative Language Videos

Our Innovative Language Review Summed Up

Now it is time for us to summarise what we think about Innovative Language 101. The innovative language app is unlike some of the other apps that we have covered, in the sense that we see it as being an all-in-one product fit for everyone!

Of course, this depends on what package you decide to go with, if you are an absolute beginner then the basic package will most likely be sufficient until you progress. However, if you are already at an intermediate to advanced level, then we think you will gain the most value from their best selling premium package. This gives you what we think is one of the best additions to innovation language, which is the 2000 word list for your language. Essentially covering the most used daily conversational words. If anyone has heard of the 80/20 theory, yes you can apply that to language learning as well.

Having one main app is also great. Yes, they do have separate WordPower apps for specific languages but that is a different product in itself. Being able to go into the main innovative language 101 app dashboard and straight away seeing newest lessons is very time-saving.

8 Total Score
Amazing Podcast Series For Over 30 Languages!

The Innovative Language 101 App is a great free and premium language app. A different approach from their competition, we loved the change when learning a new language. Lifetime access to the first 3 lessons of each series and every new lesson published is free for up to 3 weeks! Give it a try for yourself!

Language Variety
Teaching Material
  • Multiple learning packages to choose from
  • Premium+ is great if you want to get certified in your target language
  • Great savings if you sign up for the annual subscription
  • Easily accessible on their website and mobile app
  • Amazing app with audio and video lessons all in one place
  • Some packages have quite a high monthly cost
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