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It can seem like a daunting task trying to learn a new language, however, now you can utilise your spare time through practicing languages online! Here at, we have reviewed a whole range of different online language courses and tools that are worth exploring for anyone that is eager to master a new language.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a complete beginner, intermediate or already at an advanced stage in learning a language. You will find plenty of language learning websites, apps, exchanges and other resources that can put you on the right path. That’s why we are here to filter out what is best suited for you, the individual learner. Carry on reading to find out our favourite places to learn a language online.

Languages Online
Online Language Tutors

  • Over 4000 active tutors
  • 1-to-1 teaching
  • Italki community has over 3 million learners
  • Easy to use mobile app


  • Great package deals
  • Only native tutors
  • Group and private Classes
  • CEFR teaching material

Rype 150x150

  • Handpicked tutors
  • A 7-day trial for $1
  • 1-on-1 tutoring
  • Learn 24/7

Learning with a tutor

Language tutors have always been popular when it comes to learning a new language. In fact, 1-to-1 learning is proven to have the highest memory retention rate. So, isn’t it amazing that you can now find language tutors online!

The cost can be on the more expensive side of learning online when compared to apps, but when compared to physical language schools you will still be saving money. By far our favourite online tutoring platform is Italki, with an abundant amount of available tutors and free community support it really deserves first place. Those are just a couple pros for using italki, make sure to check out our full review.

The fairly new company Lingoda has also made use of online language classes. It will be exactly the same as an in-person class just over the internet. Usually, the classes consist of around five students, so you still get a lot of focus too.

We have highlighted our favourite online language tutoring platforms and detailed what makes them great. Make sure you go and check out the full list.

Language Tutor
Language Learning Apps

  • Money-back guarantee
  • Trial all languages
  • Offline learning
  • Affordable monthly prices


  • Super affordable premium app
  • Mosalingua web for £59.90
  • Well structured course
  • Learn in a variety of languages


  • Video Immersion
  • Interactive Games
  • Lots of Content
  • Free trial videos

On-the-go learning

Due to mobile phones becoming a daily necessity, language apps have hit the headlines as some of the best apps to make use of your spare time. We can definitely agree with that too. Both free and premium language apps are available and they offer lots of great content.

They act as an engaging, entertaining way to pick up the basics of any language. If you are jetting off anytime soon to a foreign country make sure to check out our 2018 top language app picks. We would recommend one that has an easy to use offline version, like Babbel so that you can learn even when your 30,000 feet in the air.

Learning Online

The benefits of online language learning

There are many benefits to learning languages online compared to offline. You can see our list below, who knows you may have a couple more yourself that we haven’t mentioned.

  • Great for people that live busy lives. Learn vocabulary on your daily commute, schedule language classes in your lunch breaks. Listen to podcasts whilst exercising. Finding the time is no longer an excuse!
  • Self-learning is a great way to put in place your own language learning process. What you want to learn may be different from what you would learn from a group lesson. With language tutors on italki you can discuss what it is that attracts you to the language and put a special focus on that area.
  • You don’t have to spend large amounts of money on travel, exercise books and then the class or private lesson fee too
  • Learning online means that you can access course material more than once. This is perfect for repeating a class again or going over the vocabulary that you learned the day before.
  • Speak to millions of other language learners online, exchange tips and even find a language partner to converse with.

Is it possible to learn a language online?

Online learning itself hasn’t been around for too long. Now with the introduction of the internet, it is possible to find free resources, speak to native teachers and learn on-the-go. We’re sure that you have asked yourself whether or not it is possible to learn a new language online. Well, it has definitely been achieved so why wouldn’t you be able to?

It will take a lot of dedicated time and you can’t rely on just one learning method. However, when you start to see the progression, you will be more motivated on your language learning journey. Put together a well-structured learning plan to make sure you reach your targets.

Remember that everyone learns differently. You may find one language website more engaging than your language partner does. Test all the different places that you can learn a language online, what’s stopping you? Don’t have the mindset that learning a language online is easier than offline, it isn’t. It does have some extra benefits though that we will cover next.

Top reasons to learn a new language

  • Opens you up to meeting new people
  • Potential work opportunities
  • See your confidence grow
  • Helps you become more motivated, not just learning a language
  • Experience new countries and different cultures
  • Understand your own language better

learn a new language

Time to Start Learning

There we have it, our top places to learn a language online. However, don’t think that this is the final list. We are constantly using and reviewing old and new online language courses, as our aim is to keep the website up to date with our recommendations. As well as giving you trusted reviews, we will also provide regular language-related articles and tips via our news section. Make sure you don’t miss out on those!

Language FAQs

We feel and we know that the majority of people that learn a new language will agree that, learning a new language can open your life up to many new opportunities. When it comes to language learning online, well, it saves time commuting to classes with tutors, therefore saving money. You can get access to some of the best language teachers in the world with language tutor sites like italki, Lingoda or Rype. We hope we’ve given you enough reasons to start learning!

You can learn new languages online through apps, online tutor platforms, and even language websites. Some of our favourites include italki, Babbel, Duolingo and BBC languages. For more of the best places to learn languages online visit our compare language courses page.

If you are looking for free alternatives for learning a new language online there are a wide range of options. Mosalingua, Duolingo and Memrise are all great language tools. You may also want to check out, and BBC languages. There are a load more free language resources online, we will try to list as many as possible in a separate blog post.

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